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These appear to be reasonable moves by Google but policing content is not their job IMHO and can easily lead down a slippery slope.

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I agree with Silver. Their actions appear ok but where do they stop and are they doing more in other areas that are not released for public consumption?


I guess this is nice of Google, but where are we, when we censor our window to the internet?

Donald von Fabio

are you kidding me? google is just pacifying these rights holders, not one of these moves will significantly curb the torrent results. people just got to realize.. CONTENT IS FREE and figure out ways to monetize their art in other ways. trust. as soon as one hole is plugged, 10 more spring open. kill napster > Bitorrent, rapidshare, HD swaps, AIM transfers, free FTP hosting... its a game content owners will never win. it is fun to watch the stupid and old try to fight the wave though.


#Donald von Fabio: Nobody thinks they can win! But if they get it to be a little bit inconvenient to use an illegal service for the ordinary man and more convenient streamingservices appear on the marked, it's worth all the effort!

Who do you think will invest in music and services for music, if the industry behind it won't do anything to create a healthy (as much as possible) market for competition?

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