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Buy Your Digital Music From A Vending Machine

The The future of the music industry has arrived: the MP3 vending machine. MOD Systems has released its Download2Go digital music kiosks in Quick Chek convenience stores. Shoppers can now grab a quick bite to eat and a new album while they're browsing around. With these machines, all the user has to do is tap the screen, find a song, insert their memory stick, and swipe their credit card. Then the tunes download instantly.

At first it's easy to scoff at this idea, but not everyone can afford those expensive data plans. The kiosks are going live in 10 locations across its New York and New Jersey convenience stores to start. Imaginably, they'll be rolled out to airports and subways soon too. Places where users get stuck or have less than desirable web connections. Flight cancelled? Buy some music. Take a look:

(via Rolling Stone)