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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started With Facebook’s New Profile Page

image from Yesterday on CBS' 60 Minutes, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new design for Profile pages that includes some new features. (Watch full video of the interview here.) Late yesterday the new look began to appear on select celebrity fan pages like this one from Ellen DeGeneres. Here's all that you need to get started:

  • Facebook is rolling out the new look to all users between now and early 2011
  • Users can update the profile and get access to the new features now here.
  • If you choose to switch to the new Profiles design now, there is no switching back.
  • Everything has a more visual feel including more space for photos. 
  • Much like the new MySpace, the new Facebook design emphasizes common interests: "Showcase the things you care about most and connect with friends who share the same interests… top interests now appear as a row of images — just drag and drop to put your favorites first."
  • There are more ways to connect with friends. Visit a friend's profile to see all the things they share in common: mutual friends, events you're both planning to attend and shared groups, photos, Wall posts, etc.
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What do you think of the new facebook design?

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  1. Its alright, theres definitely less people complaining about it this time around, I think its mostly because the change is done to the profile and not the home page/news feed.

  2. Less people complaining this time?? Are you joking?
    I have seen nothing but negative feedback on the new profiles. Read the comments on the official facebook unveil video:
    Sure users will get accustomed to it, but really the new profiles appear are cluttered & unintuitive… The tabs & priority spot for a user’s last status were the 2 things that visually organised an already cluttered user experience. Bah.

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