Help Hypebot Name The New Music Industry Executives To Watch In 2011

image from www.the-student.me.uk Last year's inaugural list of New Music Industry Executives To Watch covered a wide variety of movers, shakers and trend setters. Many had either recently launched potentially game changing companies and products or were scheduled to in the coming months. Now it's time to make our 2011 list and we'd love your input.

Take a look at how we did with our 2010 list, tell us how you think we did and come back here to share who you think should be on our 2011 list of New Music Industry Executives To Watch.

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  1. For your consideration, Planet L.A. Records executives Mark Nguyen and Ben Reiss. In less than a year in 2010, Mark and Ben accomplished the following:
    -Signed 5 new artists including Indian icon and Bollywood pioneer Bappi Lahiri.
    -Forged a production partnership with multiple-Grammy winner Tony Maserati (Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Beyonce, Alicia Keys).
    -Partnered with global charity Not For Sale (board members include T-Bone Burnett and Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame) for SXSW 2011 showcase.

  2. Most interesting newcomer interviews on this site were
    Benji Rogers – Pledge Music
    Lee Parsons – Ditto Music

  3. 4 to watch this year:
    John Boyle – Hello Music
    Benji Rogers – Pledge Music
    Ed Donnelly – Aderra
    Anderson Bell – FanFueled

  4. David Nelson from MUZIIC… 17 yrs old and seems to understand digital better than any ancient label exec. First read about him here on hypebot!

  5. I am a little biased but let’s hear it for the ladies:
    Ariel Hyatt – Cyber PR – simply put: helping musicians help themselves- which will be the foundation of the new music “industry”.
    Rachel Masters – Red Magnet Media – This new company is already handling digital Strategies for Lincoln Park, Duran Duran etc…
    More to come….

  6. Ethan Kaplan – Senior Vice President of Emerging Technology at WEA Corp.
    Been in the trenches for years, knows know to get it done, highly trusted – is bound to step into a brighter spotlight eventually and will kick ass in whatever horizon comes his way.
    James Miao and Samuel Hsiung – thesixtyone.com
    Transforming music discovery – both aesthetically with their brilliant relaunch of thesixtyone.com interface and with incorporating game play into the process in a non-hokey way. Taste counts!
    Elizabeth Moody – Google Music
    Hired by Google in July to oversee content licensing for the music play…. a tough gig to be sure. And probably a single point of success if things go well. The technology isn’t that tough these days for cloud-based music. Getting content spiked down is way harder. We’ll all see when it launches how well Moody was able to do. Given the muck that Spotify and RDIO have had to crawl through – chances aren’t great it will launch with an inventory to rival Apple or Amazon, but you never know. The majors are desperate for a worthy competitor to iTunes.
    btw – I’m not sure I put as much stock into the rumors of internal strife on the music initiative as some. It’s hard to imagine Serg, Larry and Eric would let something like that spin so far out of control as to publicly jeopardize a rollout.
    Latest word is it will launch as a user-controlled locker at first, then as a subscription service later (if at all). Again, this is all about legal affairs, not tech.

  7. I’d give Ethan Kaplan my vote. And last time I saw him speak he pulled out a Captain Beefheart reference – this was months ago. 🙂

  8. Alex White of Next Big Sound – Analytics are going to become more and more useful in the coming years, especially with increasing DIY and direct-to-fan sales. Next Big Sound has a great suite of tools.
    Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter – Great way for musicians to raise money and engage their fans.

  9. J Sider – CEO of Rootmusic.com
    Millions of users and finally brought an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate music app to Facebook (BandPages).

  10. Though these three have already been mentioned, I couldn’t agree more…
    Kevin Hartz – Eventbrite
    Alex White – Next Big Sound
    Yancey Strickler – Kickstarter

  11. Benji Rogers- Pledge Music. Tina Dico, The Damnwells, Funeral for a Friend, Jack Bruce, Tracy Bonham…. and a new label!

  12. I would like to add Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR and Emily White of Whitesmith Entertainment, Inc. to the list. Yes, I am a little biased since I work with them, but I have seen these ladies in action working and they blow me away! They each have that “New Music Industry” special sauce.
    Ariel Hyatt: She has helped and empowered so many musicians get in control of their own online and social media strategies by providing them great tools, resources and action steps. Her Blogging Challenge in particular inspired hundreds of musicians to learn about marketing and promotions and her Cyber PR software and system guides and connects musicians to bloggers, Internet radio stations and social media sites.
    Emily White: She is breaking bands from scratch and creating multiple revenue streams consistently for new and established artists using a variety of creative and innovative tactics, including many online promotions. Also, she self-released Family of the Year’s album which is blowing up in France and the UK and her company, Whitesmith, self-released Margaret Cho’s debut musical comedy album and it’s up for a Grammy.

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