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Good for him! I love hearing stories like this!

Jon Ostrow

Very inspiring story - his rendition of Creep is beautiful. Very emotionally 'real'.

Thanks for sharing!

ura stranger!

i got his cd at danielmustardmusic dot com. just in case anyone's interested. it's great! i hope he does more in the very near future.


The tracks are pretty solid on his album. They just need a more up-tempo number. He really should have had "Last Time" as the closer, instead it was left out completely. I think he deserves to have more mainstream notoriety, especially with all the garbage out there today. Mustard is real and raw. I wish him all the best.

Biggie Byrd

Maybe a few D&B remixes by Oscar Da Grouch?


I was listening to the original show when Mustard came in and blew everyone listening away. A lot of focus has been put on the cover of Creep but I actually like his original stuff even more.

Hope he remains sober and goes far.


I totally agree. I love "Last Time".


Good job Opie!


Very fucking cool!


Sounds like fucking Dave Matthews. Shit compared to his 'creep' rendition. See what a record deal does to you? God dammit, I thought it'd be better.


God damn what a great voice


You've got to be kidding. What crap, makes me what to drink and be homeless, so I can't hear this shit...


It's called "autotune"--whatever people felt from his voice is GONE, replaced by computer-generated vocals.

He sounded better, and realistic, in his cover, indeed. Why? 'cause that's his real talent. As soon as the record studio added autotune, he sounded like EVERYONE ELSE.
"'Daniel embodied a very raw energy people were connecting with, and hungry to hear more of,' Bertuzzi noted..." THIS was the truth that the record bums ignore, before they decided that autotune would magically make it even better. Autotune took-out the raw energy and made it smoother...
Last time I checked, no one [truly] connects with that (autotune). We can only [truly] connect with the lyrics and the tempo; not the voice that made him popular. =P

AKA: If he debuts without autotune, he will be successful; with autotune, he will be dropped.


I like it, awesome voice, hope you stay clean Mustard, don't fuck this up.


Mustard is raw, yes, but his recordings won't demonstrate that /depressed
I really adored his cover, and then heard previews of his recordings... What happened to why people adored him/his vocals? Oh, it had to be the tough past. Yep, it couldn't possibly be his raw, rough, and non-autotuned voice! /sarcastic

Producer Man

Was in the studio the whole time... no auto-tune used! at all, ever.

James Bertuzzi


Auto-tune was not used at any point during the recording process. Daniel's pitch and intonation are as close to perfect as they come, so it wasn't necesary.

Perhaps you are confused as to what auto-tune actually is, and the modern audio recording process in general.



Theresa Jones

Story records got lucky. Opie TRIED to help him, got him studio time at Sirius studio. Mustard blew it, by choosing to be a drunk diva. Way to remember who got ya noticed CREEP

Gian Fiero

Didn't go to Berklee, Full Sail, or The Musicians Institute...just got up and did something constructive - and now he has a record deal! My students will eat their hearts out!

As I say to my students every semester, they can learn a lot in my class, but the one thing I can NOT teach them is gumption; as exemplified in this article.

The truth is no longer in the pudding, it's in the mustard, Daniel Mustard to be exact.


Gian Fiero, Adjunct Professor
San Francisco State University
Music/Recording Industry Program

Timm Knight

This story is quite refreshing and it's quite ironic but I did a song called "Still Human" about the homeless. You can hear it on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMIfKEZBK7o
I can only hope my video goes viral as well :)

Helen Austin

very cool!


I love his story....I love his voice and music!!! This is truly amazing..."IMPULSE TO MY ADDICTION"!!! Sounds like a hit to me!!

Michael King

This is an example of talent discovered from life's struggles


I agree... Opie got shit on.

john in tagvillage, canada

The guy is living an american dream. Now that's awesome!

Erik Wezeman

His voice is quite good. The studio musicians helping him out on this recording are rather shitty, though. Somewhere buried in this pile of not quite up to par band performances are songs yelling out to be recorded by people who are up to the task...

They aren't exactly tight and the engineer could've done a better job too.

Hope they will fix it in the mix.

Lorenz @ XARC Mastering

It´s great to see that REAL talent still get´s a chance nowadays in the overcrowded "build artists" market.

Jean Renard

What kind of cool aid are you all drinking..
Maybe he can open for Susan Boyle

Danny Sadler

That's my homeless brother!!! we had to sleep on the streets together!!!!

Max Normal

We've got a famous bum in the UK who got a recording contract out of the gutter called Seasick Steve. He's an American, came over to be a bum in England then made it big.

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