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How To Time Your Updates To Match The Natural Rhythms Of Social Networks

image from Inside a Facebook study of 1 million status updates from U.S. English speaking users, are indications that when you post may matter if you want to have the maximum impact.  Social networking users write about certain topics at certain times of the day and if an artist's posts – particularly the more personal musings often shared on Twitter – match those moods, they are more likely to go viral.

For example, waking up at 3PM may be typical rock star behavior.  But it also might be annoying to someone stuck in ther cubicle for 2 more hours.  Want fans to flock to a show? There are times when "leisure activities" get the most action.

Take a look at the chart and share how you might time your social networking differently?

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  1. So does this means that i have to post my show updates after 5pm and before 10pm? or does it means that if i do this while everybodyelse is doing the same i’m not going to get any attention since my post will be buried down a pile of similar post and tweets?

  2. It possible that I unintentionally jumped the shark here, bot my thought is that if you time your social networking posts and a time when discussions about similar activities already going on, your “news” is much more like to become part of the on going conversation. Still makes sense to me…

  3. I use a link shortening service called which has a couple features that help me with timing my posts. When I post.. it tracks those that retweet or post my content, tracks what time the clicks happen and determines the best times for me to post so that the majority of MY FANS will see the info… perhaps all my fans are night owls?… a generic averaging of a million users wont help me target my specific fans… this does. In addition I can select a date and time and schedule content to post. Also every time a user clicks my links it ups the views on just thought I’d share.

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