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While I applaud the effort I have a bad feeling it will be about as effective as the war on drugs.

Lucifer's Attorney

That's retarded, and IRIS is my distributor, I need to have a talk with them right away

Jeff MacDougall

This won't work... and worse, it could have a negative effect on IRIS' brand.

Today's youth innately understand that file sharing isn't "bad" (While it may be bad for recording artists who haven't figured out another way to get paid). Kids simply know copying something that isn't "real"(tangible) to share the "captured experience" with someone else, isn't morally wrong... even if it is illegal.


"It's OK to share your downloaded TV shows, movies, copyrighted photographs, books, magazines, etc.

Just don't do it with music, OK?"


any opportunity to get the word out about not stealing music is a win! i think it is great that IRIS is taking a stand on this important issue. A lot of folks who are members of A2IM have been apart of the don't steal music revolution and if this is what it takes to get the word out that rocks!!

It would be great to have all labels and distro companies create their own messages about illegal downloading so we can keep it fresh. The PSA's that have been created and the t-shirts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Instead of whining about "what good is it going to do" be a part of the solution....imagine what would happen if we all actually stood together on this.....crazy.....we might actually accomplish something.

some dude

disappointed that this writer over-simplifies and fails to distinguish between sharing and stealing. you can obviously share culture without debasing it, genius.


I think some people are over thinking this a bit...

I steal everything but my music doesn't have the same ring to it..


This must be the stupidest thing ever...

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