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I can't say that I'm very familiar with OK Go's music, but what I know of these guys, I like what they do. Tim spoke well and had very realistic, down to earth responses that were interesting to read. I just wonder how successful this band would have been if they hadn't been signed to a label, originally, before they ventured out on their own. I've read so many interviews with well established acts that talk about making revenue from other sources besides the sale of physical copies of music, but a lot of these other ways like licensing and merchandise are only possible due to getting the backing from a bigger label to begin with. The reality is that it's practicle for bands who have had some kind of real label support that have built up a name and fan base to go and work under their own label, but not if your an indie band or artist who is just starting out or who has never had the financial backing from an actual label like so many believe. Of course, I do hope the best for OK Go and I'm happy for their success! I just hope that others reading this article don't get the wrong idea and think that just going "indie" and trying to support yourself is not going to get them the kind of recognition and marketing that a company can that can invest thousands upon thousands of dollars can.



"amicable split"? I thought they were dropped when Capitol cleaned house a couple years ago..


Actually what made OK Go famous was their treadmill video. They recorded that with the money from their own pockets and help from friends and family. When it came time to release the video, the record company didn't want the video they shot to be used as the real video for the song but OK Go insisted and became an Internet phenomenon thanks to their own creativity and not the record label's. OK Go was marginally successful before that video but I doubt they ever made any money due to the way record labels handle their clientele. If OK Go was obliged to conform to the record industry, they would be nowhere as near as successful as they are. And yes, you can find the band describing in better detail what I just said via Google.

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