MP3s Respected As Much As Enrique Iglesias

image from www.topnews.in "MP3s get about as much respect as Enrique Iglesias. Nobody holds them precious. Nobody collects them the way they do LPs or even CDs. And the disposability and intangibility of MP3s surely has contributed to the idea that the vessel and its contents have little or no value and can be taken for free." – Chris Kornelis, Seattle Weekly

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  1. I often think the same thing. They’re about as valuable as a Word doc, or any other file. Although the actual contents can be important, the form itself is essentially meaningless & worthless.

  2. Don’t you miss buying a CD and reading through the sleave of thank yous and song titles? Will admit the ol Enriques recent song “I Like” is actually decent though.

  3. I hope there’s a balance between PHYSICAL and Digital mediums in music this year. In some ways, USE DIGITAL METHODS TO SELL PHYSICAL MUSIC.

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