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MySpace CEO Is Not Interested In Selling Music

image from Some surprising news from the CEO of a company openly for sale by parent NewsCorp for not producing profits: “My goal is you come to MySpace, you listen to some new bands and connect to those bands,” MySpace CEO Mike Jones told LeWeb conference in Paris this morning.  “I don’t wanna be the place that replaces iTunes. I wanna be the place where you learn about music and then take that to wherever your music consumption happens.” 

The company is, however, working on improving recommendation to encourage users to dig deeper into the site. “We do need to get better at surfacing the music that interests you,” said Jones. “If we connect you to curators who bring you the best content, your repeat visits go dramatically up.”

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  1. This may be one of the many reasons why myspace is “not producing profits”. Getting music on itunes is a slow process for indie bands, myspace had a system that could have competed well with itunes.

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