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Myspace Music Collaborates With ReverbNation, Offers New Suite Of Marketing Tools For Artists

Sadfsadf Myspace Music has collaborated with ReverbNation to integrate their FanReach product into the Myspace platform. It will be included in a suite of tools that Myspace is introducing to its artist community.

Beginning this month, all artists on Myspace will receive Fan Reach.

This tool enables artists to collect and import email contacts; send targeted communications; view stats for each email sent; and manage their fan relationships from within their Myspace profile. This new suite of tools will also include an enhanced stats and tracking product and shareable song embeds.

In the tools suite, artists will see an overview of their fans, their music plays, and their profile visitors. They will also be able to track fan activity across the web on their Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages.

Lastly, the new song embed function will enable artists to share their music across the web, as previous apps from other companies have allowed in the past.

At a time when many have outright questioned the dominance of Myspace and industry pundits have even declared a mass-exodus from the site, the fledgling social network is doing everything it can to ensure that artists stay active on the site – even if the fans aren't. While we still recommend that you should keep a homepage – because your Myspace page isn't yours – this free offering from Myspace should appease many artists. Myspace… now with even more glitter.

New Tools For Artists From Myspace Music

MySpace Music: Artist HQ | Myspace Video

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  1. Still have to endorse the Supernova platform above both of these… cleaner, easier to use, comes with engaged fans, free, offers local gig opportunities, offers movie/tv/radio opportunities… sorry MySpace, you’ve let me down too many times.

  2. But a lot of us already have thousands of connections on Myspace, and this has the potential to make those “friends” worthwhile again. If I could just get 10% of them to sign on my “real” mailing list, I’d be delighted! And if somehow Myspace manages to re-emerge as an entertainment leader, which they’re positioning themselves to do, it could really pay off in the long run.

  3. Quote :
    “In the new Artist HQ page, artists will see an overview of their fans, their music plays, and their profile visitors. ”
    Seems some people does not not know what Artist HQ is …
    No Artist HQ is not a kind of new dashboard it is just a Myspace Music Blog dedicated to artists :
    Those stats were available for a long time since they’ve bought iLike on the dashboard page
    The only novelties here are the Reverbnation Farnreach support and the multiple social networks analytics that can be found here

  4. The new fan analytics part is pretty cool. Its the same thing as Next Big Sound, except its free for the band.

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