Sony Reveals Lackluster Subscription Music Service

image from www.thetechherald.com Spotify failed to launch. It's official now. Sadly, that news isn't surprising. In the background of this digital music drama, songshas launched their own lackluster music subscription service. "Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity" will launch in the U.K. and Ireland for starters, but Sony has plans to bring it stateside in 2011.

Don't hold your breath.

With this music service, there are two options available: basic and premium. In the basic plan, users can stream from genre channels. And in the premium one, they can stream songs on-demand. However, with only 6 million songs available, users will find obvious catalog holes. Yet it will still cost them $9 a month. Even then, users won't be able to take the songs with them. Sony plans to make this functionality available, but isn't promising that they'll be able to hear these songs on their iPhone. Basically, the service is targeted at current Sony device owners.

Reportedly, Sony sees this as a way to compete with Apple. I'm sold. Now all I need is a Playstation or a Sony device, of which, I have none. #digitmusicfail.

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