SXSW Goes Green, Adopts All Digital Swag Bags

image from sxsw.com This year at SXSW, there will no longer be swag bags. There will be no more lugging around and guarding a heavy cache of physical media, magazines, and key chains, among other things. This year, the swag bag will be completely digital. There will be an online portal where SXSW registrants can claim their digital media. Rather than handing you this bundle of love all at once, SXSW will be slowly distribute it leading up to the event.

"Finally, after 24 years of swag complaints, technology provides the magic of convenience and finally caught up with SXSW, leaving swag curmudgeons like me wondering what the heck to bitch about in 2011," writes Corey Denis.

To place something in the new digital swag file, get in touch with their staff. 

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  1. I wonder how the pricing is going to work with e-flyers instead of tangible flyers. Will people want to spend money for SXSW to digital distribute glorified junk mail?
    It must hit considering most swag would of been self-funded included the bags themselves?

  2. No more magazines, stickers, buttons, condoms, breath mints? wah. I won’t miss the other 4/5ths of the crap though.

  3. In a sense, investors have been lulled into something of a false sense of security, because so much of the support has been highly complex – and thus hard to understand.

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