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For my Music Business people...

Lucifer's Attorney

I told you they wanted muic


Lucifer's Attorney

and music as well as muic

Kyle Bylin

Ha ha ha. - kb


why are a lot of these links broken/dead? feel free to erase this comment after fixing thanks

Kyle Bylin

Hey, sorry, something screwed up in the code. I think their all fixed now.

headline FAIL

"The 100 Most Read Music Industry Stories In 2010"? Or is this actually "The 100 Most Read Hypebot Stories In 2010"? Hypebot's headlines are often misleading but this one seems down right arrogant, no?

Jon Ostrow

Woot Woot! Made it all the way to #22 :-)

Glad to see my article had such an impact, for better or for worse.


Good old Mulve, you should find out what's the haps with those guys now, and see what they are working on. Wonder if Eric still has the police up his ass.

Lorenz @ XARC Online Audio Mastering

Great list, time to read,thanks a lot:)

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