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Only Tour In Denver If You’re Sure Of The Outcome

image from I've never seen this video by Martin Atkins before. Within it, however, you'll find great insight into touring, as well as, his signature humor. There's probably no one else in the music industry that's equal parts crazy and brilliant as Atkins – except maybe Prince. In this feature, he shares his thoughts on the "five pointed star inward facing crush." Rumor has it that Atkins has finished a new book. Meanwhile, take a look:

via SFappeal

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that oversight. With a Google or two, I'm now quite versed in just how established of a musician he is. The original copy said without being "Prince"… Maybe I'll just change it back to that. My apologies, I know him more in the present, as a pundit, than a musician.

  2. Hi Martin. Why do you presuppose that the show in Dayton is (or should be) less important than the show in Cincinatti? A great, sold out show, can happen anywhere, and I would enjoy it as much in Mayberry as I would in New York City.
    I understand the logic, but not the assumption. What if you played 5 tiny towns around Dayton to build up to the show in Downtown Dayton?
    I’m an advocate for only playing rooms you can sell out, regardless of geography. Play tiny rooms and create small successes.

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