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Music Industry News: MediaNet CEO Resigns, Live Nation, Music Salary Study, Chrome & More Quick Interactive Single Song Sites

image from Canadian start-up Viinyl turns single songs into a quick but robust interactive website. Cuurently in beta, think of it as a digital version of the 45rpm single with artwork, lyrics and videos. Viinyl mini-sites come optimized with links to the social web.

If you have any eye for graphics, it appears simple to create an engaging mini-site. Viinyl creates a unique url for each song site which they say makes the song more SEO friendly. How well that works might depend in how else the song is being spread. Bandcamp, for example, also creates a unique url for tracks.

Viinyl is also missing a buy button within each mini-site which could just link elsewhere.  But all and all, its a worthy concept delivered pleasingly.

If you check out or try, come back and let us know what you think.