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Roger Bixley

100% of people want iTunes to price match with BitTorrent.


and 100% of Musicians wanna ass fuck all those fans that want a price match with bitorrent as well as the guy that posted that comment....*lol*

Kyle Bylin

Tell us how you really feel....

Roger Bixley

"Woah, buy me dinner first!"

-- Rodney Dangerfield

Floco Torres

As a musician: As long as the payout % stay the same I don't see it as a big deal. It would be nice but I think the main point has already been made. WHY would Apple need to do this? *Asks question while downloading a single for $1.29 on ITunes*


They both sell 256kbps mp3s. How are people complaining about the quality of iTunes vs Amazon mp3?


256kbps aac and 256kbps mp3 are not the same quality.

Papa Chango

This is a weird study. Firstly, why wouldn't 100% of the people surveyed want them to price-match? Who were the 14% who wouldn't want that, Apple employees??

Secondly, Apple would never be able to fully price-match, as Amazon pays the difference from those super-cheap deals to the labels (meaning, every time you see an album on sale for a week at $3.99, Amazon is actually paying the 3-bucks-plus difference directly to the labels).


Nonsense article... Is it just me or doesnt Hypebot produce a lot more "nonsense" articles than ever?


Price matches really don't bother me, but Amazon.com has a much higher rate of free and promotional offers, and much better deals than iTunes, such as having 100+ albums for only $5 each month.


They will stick with their pricing until the market starts to shift away from itunes.

Apple are a smart bunch of cookies, they have cornered the marker for people that still pay for music.


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