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CEO’s Xeroxed Letter To 500 Laid Off Staffers Asks Them To: “All Stay Connected With MySpace”

image from “He didn’t even take the time to personally sign the letters. It’s just a xerox copy,” a  former employee told TechCrunch of the letter sent by MySpace CEO Mike Jones to the 500 staffers laid off this week. The juciest part of the otherwise fairly standard goodbye: "Although we can’t continue on this journey together – I hope you will all stay connected with MySpace and know that your contribution to the business was a unique moment in time and that you participated in something that few have been part of in our industry." That "unique moment in time" appears to have passed.

See the MySpace termination letter:

image from

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  1. MySpace sold its soul to the corporate devils by caring about profits more than their functionality and usability. As a result, it was a chaotic, disorganized mess. And while YouTube’s initial purpose was video hosting, they’ve emerged (and attempted to capitalize) on their effectiveness for music discovery.
    For the artists I’m working with, I encourage them to have a strong, compelling online presence including a YouTube channel, official website, and Twitter. MySpace is a lower priority simply because it’s been replaced by YouTube for the “instant” search/discovery option.
    All of these options (FB, Twitter, YouTube, and Sellaband, etc.) should function as feeders for the official content source originating on your band’s website. And that website should be content rich, visually interesting, and fulfill whatever need your fans have. By carefully measuring and analyzing your site traffic, you’ll know just how useful/vital any of the other platforms are. Then you can focus efforts accordingly.
    P.S. Here’s Dear Havanah — a band I’m working with. Check the structure and where the content flow is …..

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