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Right on the money.Great post. Being constant and rewarding your fans are the top two most important things which drive fan engagement.

Michael Brandvold

"your goal should be to have your fans contribute as well" great point! I have always believed in user generated content, getting your fans involved.


And not all legendary rappers have Snoops amount of followers and influence.

Just shows what a little bit of consistent content can achieve!

I'm going to re-tweet this post, some great lessons here.

- Chris


If he wasn't Snoop Dog, no one would be interested in what he has to "tweet".

Seth Keller

Soulja Boy has 2.4 million twitter followers, too, yet he has virtually no influence (see his anemic album sales). Hisham, please post a follow up analysis on the difference between Snoop and Soulja's tweets and why one has been able to capitalize on his following while the other has not.

Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

Thanks fot the shout Hisham!

TM101 Radio


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