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On The Road To Midem 2011 Part 2: How Much Has Really Changed?

My flights we're image from delayed last night; so I'll be arriving in Cannes on Friday morning. That's before the action starts and well before our Sunday meetup with co-sponsors Topspin, Mobile Roadie, MXP4, SoundCloud, Berkleeonline and SongKick.

Somewhere in the midst ot the pre-travel rush, I wrote a new piece for the MidemBlog; and like other articles I've written quickly and easily, it had been percolating in my sub-conscious for some time. As I wrote in the new post "How Much Has Really Changed?", going to Midem makes me a bit apprehensive because even though so much has changed in the music industry; so much still remains the same. Read more here. I'd love you to hear your comments.

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