Pandora Stats From 2010: 75 Million Listeners, 3 Billion Thumbs – Mostly Up!

image from 2010 proved to be a great year for Pandora.

They've doubled their audience to over 75 million listeners, who've thumbed a total of 3 billion songs – mostly up! Each month, Pandora receives 25,000 emails worth of feedback, praise, and general inquiry. And who knows how many miles Tim Westergren, the founder, traveled last year, meeting listeners, buying them cups of coffee, and handing out free t-shirts.

I know I got an Almond Joy Latte on Westergren's dollar when he toured through Grand Forks, North Dakota. (Yes, it was delicious, personalized coffee, much like Pandora radio stations.) But, in 2011, Westergren has his eyes on the prize, and by that, I mean cars. He wants to find more ways to ensure listeners can enjoy Pandora on-the-go, wherever they go. 50% of radio listening happens in the car. Pandora wants to reach that audience and be more than just another app.

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