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Geoff Barrow, and any other artist, should do what he feels is right for himself and his art. He doesn't have to take into account what Portishead fans might want or prefer any more than he has to cater to the vagaries of the market. There are consequences to that, of course, but let's assume Geoff makes informed decisions. It's a brilliant method of advance hype, being or acting contrary...

Roger Bixley

There will be NObody buying this album.


This takes some serious cajones in this day and age. I applaud them for doing what they think is right. I love these guys, and will buy this record. I wonder, though, how I will know when it has dropped? ;-)

Onyx Ashanti

I gave up trying to appeal to anyone other than myself almost a year ago and i make a bit more money and am ALOT more happy. I have a facebook profile, no website and a bandcamp page. i blog more about the techy shit than about the songs. the music is more of a result of the method.

I am so much happier as an artist now because I do what i do for me now and my "appreciators" like it that way.


I like remixes, acoustic sessions & meet and greets.

I might prove him wrong with his first point: "There will be NO free downloads."

Hubert "GAM" Sawyers III

Funny thing is, this is news. It will be circulating across media publications like these across the world. Of course, he doesn't need to do it, because he's already got a PR machine in place. It's kind of silly to take this news serious, really. That is not to say he is not serious. Obviously, some sort of news story in the form of a press release has delivered delivered, so is that not a "press gig?"

Kudos to Mr. Barrow for putting his foot down, but there's still a system that he must work within if he plans to make any money for his time and effort.

Justin Boland

I'd put money on you being wrong. Email me if you're interested.

Justin Boland

...and he said this on Twitter?

He's always been grumpy and hilarious, though. Great rant.

Bas Grasmayer


Papa Chango

He's lazy and old. Who cares.

Helen Austin

Portishead fans must be feeling really special right about now :|

... and what Bas said...


Actually if you track reaction on Twitter, Portishead fans are feeling just fine-- the vast majority are psyched that Barrow said everything he said. I'm guessing that they do in fact feel special-- they feel special to be fans of a band that isn't mesmerized by Music 2.0 zealotry.


Blah Blah Blah


What a complete idiot. Portishead are an established band with a fanbase so it's easy for them to do this He can go do one - i for one am deleting Portishead from my brain. What an arrogant tool

geoff barrow


i think your right snowboarderf17

im going to rethink what ive said just because it upset you

and your right , what was i thinking about!!

i should do everything that everyone else does in the industry because ive been told too.

ive been such a arrogant tool

once again



It's true. It always bothers me when bands don't act as if having already been signed to a major label who invested tons and tons of money into marketing them in various ways. Of COURSE they can act like they don't need to do things other artists have to, THEY already have the fans and recognition they need to keep going.

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