Rumor: iTunes & Safari to Merge, Become Web App

image from www.goodlogo.com This is only a rumor, but it's an interesting one. Three Guys and a Podcast claims that Apple is planning to replace the current version of iTunes with a web-only application that is exclusive to Safari. The move would help Apple bring a large audience to their niche web browser. Apparently, this software merger has been in the works for a long time and may be announced this fall at Apple's annual iPod event. Maybe.

This move would also utilize their new data center and Lala technology.

Rather than making iTunes accessible from any browser, the original hope, the company may make it only available through Safari. If implemented, Apple could become a major player in the web browser space almost overnight. As with any rumor, you have to take it with a grain of salt, but Apple likes to stay competitive.

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  1. I’ll file this one away for claim chowder later. First, how would iPhones, iPods, etc sync with iTunes if it’s not a native Mac app? I’ve always thought the syncing should be a separate app anyway (hello, iSync?), but how would it work? Second, while there probably are ways to limit access to other browsers, what practical purpose would that serve? I doubt Apple cares that much about Safari’s market share to go this far.

  2. They’re talking about the iTunes Store, not the music library features of the native iTunes app. This would be a great move and would mean you could make purchases without using the iTunes software – although you’d have to use iTunes to sync with your device.

  3. oh, brilliant. mix iTunes with the worst web browser out there and make it exclusive. that’s their best idea since making the iPhone exclusive to at&t.

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