SoundCloud Embeds Content ID Technology

image from www.mkwhistles.com SoundCloud has collaborated with Audible Magic, a digital media identification and copyright tracking service provider. This technology will be used to help identify the ownership rights of artists, record labels, and other music copyright owners. It will also give rights holders more control over how they make their content available and ensure creators can share work with the security and ease.

"We chose Audible Magic because the company offers one of the most trusted solutions for music copyright identification on the market today," SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung told Hypebot. The company want to reassure users that "anything they create and share will remain protected and in their control."

In a blog post, Parker assured that for a vast majority of SoundCloud users, no changes will occur. "You can keep on creating, recording and uploading original content without any interruption," he explains. "But we've already received some questions about this, so we wanted to give everyone the heads up."

In the event that a user uploads audio that is owned by a rightsholder who has requested a takedown, SoundCloud will hide the upload entirely and send an e-mail to explain the situation and give the user options for next steps. For users that feel as if an upload was flagged in error, because they have permission to upload the audio, there's a dispute process. SoundCloud will review the dispute, unhide the upload, and it will appear in their profile again with all the data intact.

You can always check on the status of your disputes here.

Will this affect remix artists?

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