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Wow just like Grooveshark!!! Or?
It will of cause make a lot of attention, but I really don't see how they can make such a service as they are claiming. All bigger connected media will be able to block it out for all non-tech people...

Justin Boland

^^Yeah, like mp3s, right?


sounds good as a warning...let's see what would happen in april..


You misunderstood me... Ofcourse its hard (or almost impossible) to "block" content. But since it is so dead-easy to get music for free (or stream) already, I cant see how a new service should make it even easier.

The place where it would hurt the most, would be like having a free music-service on Facebook, a free streaming app and other places where "normal" users are. In all these occasions the big media companies can block out such apps.

So: I dont think people want/need easier access to use and download music illegally, but the ones who actually want to support music (and I think a lot actually do) need just as good or better services than you now can get for free...


more free music for everyone :)


Yeah. There's no way all this nonspecific hype is another Beatles-on-iTunes disappointment.

joe edwards

There aren't too many ways theft can get more efficient than it already is, which is sad

Kyle Bylin

Your right, Coda.fm and What.CD are pretty efficient. How much better can it get? But, you never know what they might come up with. 


Personally, I'm waiting patiently for a pirate version of Spotify to be invented. Ever since Spotify was launched, I've been thinking that it's only a matter of time before a pirate version where anyone can add their own mp3s to the program without any regard to copyright, is invented. I'm looking forward to this new site, whatever it is.



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