The Music Bay – A Good Reason to Be Scared

image from rlv.zcache.com The Pirate Bay crew has a surprise for the music industry.

A few years back they registered a domain name, themusicbay.org, but haven't done anything with it.

That could change soon. In an interview with TorrentFreak, a Pirate Bay insider warned, "The music industry can't even imagine what we're planning to roll out in the coming months. For years they've complained bitterly about piracy, but if they ever had a reason to be scared it is now."

At the time that themusicbay.org was registered, plans were underway to create the most efficient music sharing system ever built. But the crew got sidetracked.

As a surprise present for the IFPI's 78th birthday in April, the crew is taking the necessary actions to ensure that themusicbay.org gets launched.

They may even throw their own festival in Rome to mark the occasion.

Ernesto, the publisher of TorrentFreak, says that this could be a scare tactic. It could be an effort to instill fear into the record industry for the sake of fun.

But if the Pirate Bay crew keeps their promise, it could be an exciting 2011.

April could bring a hearty fool's joke or chaos. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wow just like Grooveshark!!! Or?
    It will of cause make a lot of attention, but I really don’t see how they can make such a service as they are claiming. All bigger connected media will be able to block it out for all non-tech people…

  2. You misunderstood me… Ofcourse its hard (or almost impossible) to “block” content. But since it is so dead-easy to get music for free (or stream) already, I cant see how a new service should make it even easier.
    The place where it would hurt the most, would be like having a free music-service on Facebook, a free streaming app and other places where “normal” users are. In all these occasions the big media companies can block out such apps.
    So: I dont think people want/need easier access to use and download music illegally, but the ones who actually want to support music (and I think a lot actually do) need just as good or better services than you now can get for free…

  3. Personally, I’m waiting patiently for a pirate version of Spotify to be invented. Ever since Spotify was launched, I’ve been thinking that it’s only a matter of time before a pirate version where anyone can add their own mp3s to the program without any regard to copyright, is invented. I’m looking forward to this new site, whatever it is.

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