Your iTunes Account May Be For Sale Online

image from www.bloggingjunction.com Thousands of hacked accounts for Apple's iTunes are now for sale on China's largest retail website Taobao. For an average of $4.50 (30 Chinese yuan) users are promised downloads of songs, games, movies and other products worth at least $30 dollars on iTunes.

The Global Times reported that around 50,000 illegal iTunes accounts were being peddled on Taobao at prices ranging from one to 200 yuan. Buyers of the hacked accounts were encouraged to use them for 24 hours only – presumably before the fraud was detected and the credit cards canceled.

"If your line of work is compromising Windows PCs with password-stealing Trojans, it would not take long to harvest that many accounts that you can then sell," Internet security expert Brian Krebs told AFP.

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  1. That, and you’d think Apple CS would at least ANSWER phone calls and inquiries about this.
    I can use the words “class” and “action” in the same sentence. Can you?

  2. Regarding iTunes and the orchard;
    How does one remove and album from sale?
    I have religiously emailed the orchard to remove and album from sale and have never even recieved a reply.
    Any ideas or solutions?

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