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Too Talented To Succeed

Are you fucking KIDDING ME? This guy gets success because he's stupid? He's rewarded because he's dumb/conceited/self-centered enough to dance into traffic and get hit by a truck?

This is obviously either staged to get publicity, or when it happened he figured out that he'd be more popular if he posted that video than if he'd just gone back out and continued filming a video himself. Either way, he is eschewing any integrity he has.

Meanwhile, since I as a musician and songwriter have never been hit by an ice cream truck, or had something similarly retarded happened to me that I could post online, I continue to wallow in absolute obscurity, regardless of the quality (or lack of quality) of my work, because I'm over here focusing on music, production, and, I guess, an outdated, outmoded form of promotion - that is, doing good work, putting it out there, and challenging the world to care.

I am truly too smart and too talented to ever succeed. Guys like this simply fail upward and that's good enough for the internet.


Anybody want to buy a bunch of guitars and microphones? Maybe a MacBook Pro?

Wendy Day

Don't confuse fame with success....

Too Talented To Succeed

He had fame until he was in the iTunes top 20, now he's got success.

Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

^i would have considered it a success if he had a direct-to-fan offering along w/ the itunes top 20

Avg revenue per sale
- itunes >$2
- Direct-toFan : $15-$22


booo hooo


dude what are you talking about. Your making it sound like there is some panel of people that deam success or something.

This dude was an idiot, made a hilarious fool of him self and teenagers with iTunes giftcards they recently got for christmas bought 1 of 20 songs from the card they got from aunt Susan. They'll listen to it 15 times max, and then buy the "bed intruder song" or some Nicki Minaj.

I get your frustration, but its not unfair. Fairness doesnt seem to equal success. Hell prob see more "success" than I, and trained, invested and inspired musician. And success? This song and his career wont mount to much past maybe a few novelty hits.


I understand... It IS annoying. Truthfully though, that guy REALLY did get hit by that truck. It was messed up. However, did you watch the video he made with TOSH? Even as a joke it wasn't very good. It was short, not very funny, and his lyrics were pretty simple and cliche. He MAY be able to swing this into a career, but how? There really isn't much there to work on. Now I'll be pissed if in the next year or so he's still making money because he got signed to a big label and they're dumping tons of marketing into him.

So Too Talented has a right to feel a bit discouraged. We now, more than ever, live in a world where talented, hard working people aren't being recognized for it while people who act like retards and do childish, terrible things receive fame and success. It's NOT okay. Two biggest problems is that there are too many stupid people and hardly anyone has integrity anymore.

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One more thing... Never forget that what you do, what you make, you make for yourself first and foremost. If fame and success come, then great, but if they don't then you always have the first and most important thing!

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I give him an "A" for G(J?)ipper, an "F" for flow.

TM101 Radio

This is stupid and I fear now more people will do stupid things for publicity like this for the chance at a web redemption on TOSH.O..


Haters NEVER become successful.

You're too busy paying attention to other people instead of working on your own craft

you're jealous of his FAME not his Talent. thats whats SAD

Justin Boland

The best part about this is now I can tell rappers with a straight face that they should go get hit by a truck when they ask me for career advice. Can't hate on that...thanks, Hypebot!

black cherry

Don't h8 the player, h8 the game!!


This is almost older than the internet. Still funny nonetheless

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