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Make It Count – 1 out of 4 Apps Are Used Only Once

image from More and more, artists are looking to release apps to distribute extra content and connect with their fans. Companies like Mobile Roadie and SoundAround provide artists with great solutions to create apps, but do fans even use them? According to a new study released by Localytics, 26% of all apps are only used once after installation. That's one out of four. In other words, the first impression that your app makes with a fan matters.

Make it count. Otherwise, they may not open up your app again. Chart below:

image from

(via TechiLocalytics)

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  1. Hm, guess it’s just the same as with websites and music and…. well, just about everything.
    Offer new and high quality content regularly, and more people keep coming back.
    Plus, an app like everything else is *one* element in your strategy to make people visit your site & gigs.

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