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Uh oh....

Noah Lampert

This is terrifying.


Luckily there is some competition in the marketplace. Some people could leave the iPhone/iTouch/iTunes environment if the apps they like leave. While that was quite the speculative statement, it is how capitalism works.

Also, the Apple argument is: User is surfing our store> Downloads your app b/c it was in our store> you owe us money.

What about the flip side: We create and sell music > we offer that music in your store > User buys a device which they can use to access only your store > without our content, user would not be there > you owe us money

Lynn S.

Tyler is right. I bought an iPod Touch because of apps like Pandora, Sirius XM, and Napster plus non-music ones like the Kindle and Netflix. Without those options, what would have been the point of buying the device in the first place? With the possibility that those apps will no longer be offered, I will be considering the alternatives to Apple when it is time to buy a new device.

I mean isn't the real money in the hardware, not the iTunes store? I don't get why Apple would do this to its customers. Because we're the ones screwed if our favorite apps exit the system which is a distinct possibility going forward.


Streaming services and labels should get together, call call Apple's bluff, jump ship and setup/get behind an alternative ecosystem. As Tyler said Apple's devices are nothing without the content and I'm sure competitors will bend over backwards to eat into Apple's marketshare.

But such a move would bite the hand that feeds, require bold and courageous vision, guts, and leadership - qualities seemingly in short amongst key decision makers.


Android is the biggest smartphone OS in the world. Google's offering a 10-90 split, with none of the subscription restrictions that Apple's demanding, and far more freedom for developers.

I think Apple's going to back down on this one.


why are you so scared. the music industry has been run by a monopoly for several years now. the music industry has SUCKED the life out of many musicians and creative people for years. i am very excited about new people running the music business and if that happens to be Apple, so be it. so don't be scared bitches, embrace the change.



Godvin, a new monopoly does not necessarily mean a better one. The digital world has created a new transparency, and Apple still finds a way to make their transparency complicated (just look at an iTunes statement).

... besides Apples failure to negotiate any contracts, this article (on MTT) from Derek Sivers nails one particular reason Apple is something to not be excited about: http://www.musicthinktank.com/blog/the-day-steve-jobs-dissed-me-in-a-keynote.html.


Hold your horses doom and gloom. This isn't the end. If services such MOG, Spotify, or Rdio want to sell their subscription service Apple isn't stopping them. It's given them the ability to either play in their sandbox or spend the marketing money to have people opt to sign up on their website to start their sub service through them. You're slapping the 30% on this like its a tax, but if your service, app, whatever is a good enough to stand on its own, you shouldn't be worried.

As for everyone ganging up and jumping off of Apple App Store, I say go for it. Someone else is going to fill the void. Apple can't force the market to change. There is no lock in when it comes to being on the AppStore. You either play by their rules or you play in the open world of the internet. The consumer will make the final decision.


In response to the link that Tyler posted that no longer exists, here is a link with the info he mentions: http://sivers.org/itunes

I was just thinking the other day how being an unsigned artist on iTunes has really affected me. 5 years ago, it definitely legitimized me when meeting new and potential fans. Other than that it did nothing. Now there are SO many music sources and places to get music free I don't think it matters (to someone like me at least). Is easy to see that iTunes works in conjunction with whatever big labels are willing to fork over the cash to promote their artist with iTunes. It would make sense to me that people are downloading from itunes top 40 while people with more eclectic, specific tastes go elsewhere. With the major labels hurting more and more every year and the industry becoming more of an even playing field, Apple's decision seems more like a desperation play than anything else.

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i do not want ANY monopolies. i am for the new paradigm that empowers artist and musicians to benefit the MOST from there art or creations, NOT the manager, lawyer, or label executive working for some corporation. Steve Jobs and Apple will be just another vehicle for the musicians to get there music DIRECTLY to the fans, and get paid
DIRECTLY without, warner music, sony/bmg music, emi or universal.

checkout, Douglas Rushkoffs' book (LIFE INC.). bottom line, if you don't see the difference between, Steve Jobs and APPLE. and the CEO's who run the music industry, artist will always be slaves to a system setup to serve corporations. but than again some slaves did not want to leave the plantations.



god agrees.


desperate for what? LISTEN CLOSLY, apple is in TOTAL control. i will show you desperation, a 360 deal is desperation, suing your customers is desperation. Steve Jobs and apple could have bought-out every contract and music catalog the major labels own. but why buy a dying paradigm when you can create your own. ask the group Paramore about 360 deals. stupid is, as stupid does.



I don't think this THAT big. Droids are gaining a lot of popularity and giving iPhones some real competition. A 30% commission is a bit over the top and my guess is Apple will have to lower it to meet supply and demand. They obviously can do whatever they want though...it's their device/store, and you don't HAVE to use it. They are only in the position to be this bold because they created a product that everyone wants. Lets not act like that is a crime.

Ease up on the monopoly talk. The electric company is a monopoly...you generally only have one option, and it's something you NEED to survive. There are hundreds of alternatives to an iPod/iPhone, and you can certainly live without it. Apple can do whatever they want because if you don't like it, you have the option to go someplace else. No one is forcing you to use an iPhone.


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