Fast Company Names World’s 10 Most Innovative Music Companies

image from thedavepeck.com (Updated) Fast Company magazine's annual "World's Most Innovative Companies" list won't hit newsstands until February 22nd, but Hypebot got an advance look at their list of top 10 music companies. Fast Company defines the music category broadly to include major brands who use music creatively alongside artists and traditional music companies.  Such broad competition makes BigChampagne's appearance at #3, just below Pandora and Coca-Cola even more impressive.

“What began as a radical idea – our ambition to change the way popular entertainment is measured – has become our life’s work,” said BigChampagne founder Eric Garland responding to the honor. “We are truly honored to be acknowledged in this extraordinary way". Last fall Big Champagne launched The Ultimate Chart which combines music sales and radio airplay with online and social activity

No record labels mabe the hcart, but the inclusion of Hello Music and Songbird in the Top 10 were affirmations of their contributions to the latest iteration of the evolving music industry.

Fast Company's 10 Most Innovative Music Companies 2011 

  1. Pandora 
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. BigChampagne
  4. Arcade Fire
  5. Terra.com
  6. Hello Music
  7. Converse
  8. Sonos
  9. Songbird
  10. Weezer

Fast Company's annual Most Innovative Companies issue will also honor  Facebook, PepsiCo, and ESPN, along with such rising newcomers as DonorsChoose.org, Groupon, FX Networks, and SynCardia Systems. Apple leads the annual ranking of the Top 50 for dominating the business landscape in 101 ways.

The magazine's  editorial team evaluated thousands of gllbal businesses to create the complete World’s Most Innovative Companies list.  Their goal is to highlight companies that "dare to be different, emphasizing not just revenue growth and profit margins. but also progressive business models and an ethos of creativity."

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  1. I second Chris. What did I miss last year that made Coke #2???
    I checked Fastcompany’s site and all they note is:
    For a daring marketing model that redefines the relationship among consumer brands, record companies, and artists

  2. Hi Jenny,
    In short, we’re an opportunity engine for unsigned bands. Artists upload their music to our site and we listen to every track, and then send the artist a detailed feedback report on their music. Once their music is in our system artists can then opt in for opportunities with the click of a button — from licensing to TV/film to deals on recording studios to discounts on products and services like Tunecore, Jango Radio, and more. It’s all free for the artists — we only take commissions on the paid opportunities that we secure.
    Hope that helps!
    Ben Sheehan
    Digital Media Manager
    Hello Music

  3. This seems to be a complete joke. Coke, Terra.com, Converse. Talk to me about how they are innovating in this industry!
    I also see BigChampagne as a simple service that just aggregates APIs, or am I wrong?
    Hello Music provide a simple service that just provide CPA based opportunities for artists. They have no proprietary technology, so please explain to me how they are also innovating in the industry!
    What a joke.

  4. Another great company to check out is WaTunes. You can download & share music on Facebook. How cool is that?

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