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Indies See Grammy Sales Bump, Majors Stay Flat

image from Do the Grammy's still sell albums and for who? The answer: not Lady Gaga or Train.

While the awards show didn't hurt them either, artists like Arcade Fire, Lady Antebellum, and Eserpanza Spalding saw the largest gains. In other words, the already well-known hit makers of the last year mostly stayed flat, with the exception of Eminem, while indies saw a significant bump in iTunes. However, it's also important to note that Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" never moved from #1 for this period. The chart below comes courtesy of BigChampagne. Take a look:

Note: This chart represents Grammy artist-level (tracks and albums) iTunes sales from Saturday to noon on Monday. Click chart to enlarge.

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  1. Everyone knows who the majors are and people love new music so when they see someone like Esperazna get a grammy nom (and win)they look her up.. most people including myself didnt know who she was til the Grammy’s

  2. these kinds of spikes are common for indies after any kind of mass exposure, a song placement on a key show, a hot commercial or a win at an event like the Grammys. What this illustrates is a saturation point and that the majors have done their job in promoting their top acts and the momentum is no longer affected greatly by any one event as the record is still being marketed.
    So the mantra for indies in addition to bringing your A game. Exposure – exposure – exposure.

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