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Seems like a good idea to me. If that tax is implemented, Canadians would no longer need to feel guilty about loading up an iPod with pirated music.

Aren't blank CDs already taxed for the same purpose?

Kyle Bylin

My understanding is that they would still be liable to be prosecuted though. You may feel less bas about it, but that doesn't change the fact that other actions can still be taken against you.


The only way this will fly is if TV's, computers, DVD/BlueRay players are also taxed! The film industry has just as much of a problem with pirating.


Seems it would just set it up to indirectly encourage people to get illegal music. If you've already paid the tax for that most people, especially those who think pirated music is somehow "fighting the man," would probably feel entitled to download and like they shouldn't pay more for the music then.

al mair

This levy actually existed for a number of years, and was successfully distributed. CRIA (like RIAA) represents the four majors, and opposed the levy as it would legalize copying and downloading. It was eliminated about five years ago, but the levy on blank CDs still exists, and is distributed by a collective, similar to a performing rights society.

Candice Payne

I didn't know they'd eliminated the original levy. I followed the news back when it applied to me, but I haven't lived in Canada for years now. That thing was totally wacko. The blank CD thing, too. Buy blank media to back up your own files and Celine Dion gets paid. Just daffy.


Celine Dion... **shivers**

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