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Music Biz News: Spotify Value: $1B, Jobs On Music Subs, Gaga Dominates iTunes, BitComet & More

Hypebot Favicon Today is President's Day in the US, but a mere national holiday in one country doesn't stop music industry news from happening here or around the globe.  So we're here keeping you up to date, as we are every day. And as always, we'd love your feedback.

  • Spotify reportedly valued at $1 billion. A massive $100 million investment is reportedly incoming from VCs that backed Facebook, Groupon and Zynga. (TechRadar)
  • Music is thriving, but the business is dying. Who can make it pay again? (Guardian
  • 'Steve Jobs once nixed my music-subscription pitch'. (Cnet)

More News:

  • Whatever you think of Lady Gaga this is impressive: "Born This Way" is now the fastest selling iTunes single ever and #1 in 23 Countries with more than 1 million in sales in 5 days
  • Facebook To launch in China? FB Execs Are Meeting With Baidu In Silicon Valley, Says Chinese Press (SAI)
  • Where To Buy Music To Get More Cents On The Dollar To The Musician (NPR)
  • HOW TO: Develop Ideas That Will Disrupt Your Industry. (Mashable
  • BitComet – A Bittorrent Client Stuck Behind a Language Barrier. (TorrentFreak)
  • Making a Living as an Artist in the Future (Dave Kusek)
  • Industry vet Chris Caddick is the new managing director of the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. (IFPI)