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OMP3 – Let 1,000 Grooveshark Music Stores Bloom

image from omp3.orgOMP3 has created a free software program that allows anyone to start a music sharing site and store. It's powered by Grooveshark. Users can set up affiliate tie-ins and advertising which will enable them to monetize the software. Right now, the company is funded through donations. To the best of Hypebot's understanding, OMP3 wants 1,000 Grooveshark music stores to bloom.

The company wants sites of all kinds to start selling music. And for fans to have more places to buy music. Each store can be customized to focus on the users specific desires. If need be, they can highlight only emerging and new artists.

OMP3's believes they can help combat file-sharing by allowing a high number of websites to create their own music sharing sites and stores. Of course, being that OMP3 is powered by Grooveshark, that's a legal complication. But, putting that issue aside for a moment, there appears to be no malicious intent here.

What's your take?


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  1. These guys are so far ahead of the rest of the industry in terms of sussing out the ONE approach that will work in the new milennium that it is almost PHYSICALLY painful. You almost can’t even read this without bursting out laughing, it’s so ingenious. Now if only the rest of the industry would get ON BOARD with new approaches like this, instead of slagging them off so relentlessly for the outdated business models they DON’T follow.
    We now return you to blah blah rights holders blah blah Spotify blah blah Vimeo blah blah. Carry on…

  2. I would like to clarify one thing before the press starts knocking on groovesharks door asking about there music stores lols. Grooveshark will provide the audio content for a independent internet music consortium promoted By OMP3 software. The music stores will all be independent apart from our API which will provide them with content.
    well said. I could not of put it better myself!
    Lee Winterson
    CEO OMP3 soft

  3. @Erik
    There are many sites promoting music like and great job too. You missed the concept of our software my friend. The music industry says piracy is out of control and they need a solution to a new business model. Us at OMP3 feel we have the answer to it. Let people make legal music stores! and make them sales..

  4. I didn’t miss the concept. PLUGO.LA allows fans to resell their favorite music from their own store & earn a commission.

  5. But since Grooveshark is not legal in many countries and doesnt give any money to the artists, where’s the “good” part of this?

  6. demo doesn’t work – fail
    nobby flash intro – fail
    download and install on my server – fail
    grooveshark – fail (poor audio, missing catalogue, very dodgy model)

  7. yes. leaving aside their legally dubious model, grooveshark also doesn’t pay their bills or honor their contracts. the whole thing is a game with no rules for them. and don’t believe the bs rhetoric about “fixing” anything from either one of these outfits. they aren’t in it for anyone but themselves.
    the labels look like chumps for letting these guys hum along unfettered.

  8. @goonrgrrl
    I absolutely agree with you . How come digital services giants did not come up with such idea earlier . Its absolutely perfect . This concept will not only help regular internet surfers like us to create our own music websites but also eventually will provide more options to the music fans to buy songs from legal outlets. I tested out the demo a few days back and its awesome . Its Carefully designed in a way that people can search for the music they like by surfing through the grooveshark’s catalog so that they can listen the track for full *( major store fronts don’t allow )* and then if they want to buy they can buy it right from these outlets itself which are nothing but legitimate affiliates of amazon and 7digital!
    Keep up the good work OMP3..

  9. Well I use Spotify and itunes for music. I did try the omp3 demo and found it very simple to use. I must admit if I had to choose which service to use for my digital music. It would be a OMP3 store for sure. I really enjoyed the simple way it presents the music and the ease of making a purchase. It was nice to have a choice of which vendor to purchase from.
    Is it me or have I missed something here? the aim of the software is to create 1000s of music stores were people can download from authorised vendors?
    Why are people attacking these guys? this new way of distribution thinking is the most positive news I have heard in 6 years. A very powerful weapon against piracy sites for sure.

  10. actually, after looking at your typo-ridden website (with logos from co.’s you have no agreements with) you guys seem too stupid to have shills. as your co-founder would say “magnificant”!

  11. 26.04.2011 18:37 buys omp3 software: @rolltidehaney
    26.04.2011 18:37 quote:
    “I feel that you have a great product and I feel that we can make it a special feature on our website.” (email)Russ haney.
    We simply didn`t do business with as it`s not viable and junk. Air dirty washing in public tantrum.
    good luck with your site

  12. too bad mr winterson shoots himself in the foot everytime he deals with people who are less knowledgable than he is, thus not making sales, leading to bad business, not to mention he is quite insulting, he thinks hes got the next facebook, but the way i see it he has nothing but copies of something to sell

  13. they ceretainly dont look like the site i see posted above, not to mention alotof users seem to be having problems

  14. “ said…
    PRICK? is that in plain english for you?”
    very classy for a Ceo trying to promote his business, extremely classy indeed….

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