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Nowadays you just need an iPad, the latest music apps and some time and you can be creating and sharing music in a meaningful way.

See also:
Now you just need to be able to type to create and share literature in a meaningful way.

Now you just need a scalpel and some rubber gloves to be able to perform surgery in a meaningful way.

Now you just need a long stick to be able to polevault in a meaningful way.

Please, tech-pundits, stop mixing up access to tools with the ability to use them. I really, really respect what you all do. Web-apps, programming, your sheer ability to conceptualise perceived needs and build solutions - those are amazing attributes. But please stop belittling the process of making music, of musicality, of composition and performance of music by uttering this nonsense about how everyone can be a musician now. They can't. It's no easier to be a musician now than it was a century ago. You can make sounds, certainly, just the same way as I can build webpages. That does not make you a musician or me a programmer. As any hacker knows, beyond a certain level of rudimentary knowledge and application, real computing insight and brilliance cannot be learned or taught. You still need to work really hard, and be really devoted, but the brilliant ones just have something that no-one else has. Same with musicians.

BlancoMusic: SubMachena, Piano Segundo, Vanito Brown, BudNubac, Mil i Maria and other stuff you ain't even heard yet.

Catherine Hol

I love your comment! It's music to my ears.

Hear, hear!

Endy Daniyanto

I second that!

But it just goes to show how much our culture and society loves music!



I'd like to third that as well. Making some music is perhaps easier now. Becoming GOOD at music is still a process that takes a lifetime and is every bit as hard as before.

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