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Ticketfly Stats Show Facebook Drives Ticket Sales

image from Upstart Ticketfly believes that social media is its secret weapon in the ticketing wars dominated by Ticketmaster and Live Nation.  Last week the primary ticket seller (not to be confused with the huge secondary market) released some stats that show that they're on the right track; and suggest that, particularly when selling tickets for live music, Facebook, is the place to be.

  • In Jan 2011, Ticketfly events were shared on Facebook and tweeted 31,000 times and those links were clicked 52,000 times
  • In Jan 2011, Ticketfly sold 3.25 tickets for every Facebook share/tweet
  • Facebook is Ticketfly’s top referrer at roughly 9% of total traffic
  • In Jan of 2011, 33% of Ticketfly affiliates were active and selling tickets to Ticketfly events (Ticketmaster was at approximately 20% at the height of their affiliate program)
  • Visitors to Ticketfly’s site in Jan of 2011 were 582,000
  • Year over year revenue growth Jan 2011 vs. Jan 2010 was 236%

Ticketfly stats via VentureBeat.

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