Why Apple May Kill the iPod Classic

image from 67pics.com The iPod Classic remains a symbol of the digital revolution. Its scroll wheel is iconic. The simple yet elegant design still resonates, but for how long?

There's an interesting rumor making its way around the tech-world. It indicates that the iPod Classic is either getting a needed update or getting killed off.

The Classic hasn't been updated since September of 2009 and has gone missing from retailers. Target and J&R don't have any Classics in stock and Amazon appears to have only "6 left in stock – order soon."

On one hand, speculation has arisen that the Classic will be getting a 220GB hard drive, which can hold up to 55,000 songs. On the other, some question if it makes sense for Apple to continue making the Classic. Even though the Classic remains a beloved product, the Touch has become their most popular offering.

Given that the Touch offers a broader array games and apps than the Classic and enables in-device purchasing, Apple may push consumers towards it instead.

Music is now only one part of a landscape increasing dominated by apps.

Since Apple recently crossed the threshold of 10 billion apps – with no sign of slowing down – they may want as many users as possible to have access to the App Store. Core music fans may desire more storage, but the capacity of the Touch will only expand and Apple is clearly moving towards the cloud. With the potential of revamped service soon, there's less of a need for ever larger iPods.

Apple already killed the CD. Maybe the Classic and hard drives are next.


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  1. I certainly hope they don’t kill it off. Who’s going to buy an iPod touch to stash in their car’s glovebox as their music jukebox?

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