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1 Simple, Yet Effective Facebook Marketing Tactic

This post is by digital music marketer Kyle Babson.

image from Occasionally I’ll see an artist execute a simple idea or marketing effort and think “why didn’t I think of that?” Matisyahu uploaded the photo below to his Facebook fan page with an encouragement for fans to tag themselves in the photo if they were at the show.

image from
Sometimes a little creativity and a built-in platform feature can be more engaging and cost-effective than building a new tool from scratch.

What does this idea accomplish?:

  1. Increases level of connection: You’re no longer just one of Matisyahu’s “fans” you’re now also tagged in his photo. I think the simple action of tagging the photo creates a feeling of investment in the artist that the fan might not have had before.
  2. Increases level of spreadability: Photo tagging action spreads to friends of friends

This is a promotional idea that doesn’t seem like one to fans. Add an e-commerce element by offering the photo for sale and you’re golden.

What is your simple, yet effective Facebook marketing tactic?

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  1. Hi Chris, that’s awesome you took a course with us – small world indeed! From a marketing standpoint, I think this is a great idea – thanks for sharing Kyle!
    ~Brian John

  2. Once in awhile I ask my fans to suggest a song they’d like me to cover by posting on my FB music page wall and I do a YT vid cover of the song with the most “likes” (votes). It gets people excited and a part of the creative process. Though I’ve had to do some songs that I would’ve NEVER done otherwise… let’s just say it stretches me as an artist. 🙂

  3. Many people take crappy cell phone pictures as a means to say “Matisyahu blew the place up, and I WAS THERE!” This provides a nice alternative.
    If you don’t want to sell it, offer a high quality version as a limited download for fanclub/email members as a desktop background.

  4. now that you posted this here, lots of bands will do it, in 2 months fans will be tired of this “new” idea fad and it won’t work anymore. lol

  5. I’m surprised that Reggae artists like Matisyahu need to do marketing….
    as a New Style REGGAE artist myself
    ….. I think that people would be hungry for a positive, danceable, reincarnation of the soul music we know as reggae! It just goes to show, all musicians need to keep continually reaching out to new fans!
    Cheers! Christo

  6. This is another “it’s successful because it’s successful” tips. It will only work if you had a show that fans attended, in which case you’ve alreay got fans. Cyclic logic

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