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joe edwards

Zune's not dead...has it been decimated sales-wise? Sure. But I personally love my HD. Beautiful interface, great sound quality, compact...I'm not really looking for anything else.

I also think mp3 players will continue to be relevant. There will always be people like myself who want a stable place for their entire music libraries that's not dependent on "the cloud," an entity that no matter how revolutionary is still subject to the whims of a wireless network.

Floco Torres

I agree with Joe. I think there are more of us out here that still want the mp3 player as home base for music. I do however have a Zune and one point or another cited 3 of these 4 reasons to possibly being why there were no upgrades after the last attempt(The smaller nano like Zune that came out about a year or so ago)

Peter Tanham

I thought the article was going to say

1. iPod Classic
2. iPod Nano
3. iPod Shuffle
4. iPod Touch


george busch

Zune was dead long ago. I like my Zune, but you can't connect it to anything. No adapters to connect it to car stereos, home player units - if you want to use it you have to use earphones. And the software sucks (not that iTunes is much better). And a oh-so-fashionable square box - come on. MS never backed it. They were just hoping to get a toe-hold on the market before they threw their might behind it and it never caught on. MS marketing is pitiful and their staff has no foresight. They are reactionary, never revolutionary. In the meantime, I think I'll pick up another discounted unit while their still available. I'ld rather have an Ipod (plenty of devices to connect to - even my car has an ipod adapter on the radio), but the Zunes are so much cheaper.

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