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$7000 Per Copy Report Says U.S. Digital Sales Will Pass CDs In 2012

image from You could pay $6999 for Strategy Analytics' Digital Media Strategies report, “Global Recorded Music Market Forecast” or I can just tell you that it says that that digital sales will pass CD sales next year in the U.S.   For you're $7K they'll also tell you:

  • Total recorded music sales in the US declined by 7% to $6.2B in 2010, driven largely by a 16% plunge in CD revenues, to $3.8B.
  • In 2012 consumer spending on CDs will fall further to $2.7B, more than $1B lower than the 2010 level.
  • Online music revenues will continue to grow, reaching $2.8B in 2012, therefore passing CDs for the first time.
  • The report predicts that while single track downloads will remain the single most important digital music revenue model, advertising and subscription models will gain in importance over the next five years.
  • By 2015 online music revenues are expected to come from a mix of single track downloads (39%), album downloads (32%), subscription (14%) and advertising (14%).

I believe that the streaming revenue percentage will be much higher and ad supported revenue lower.  And that prediction cost you $6999.00 less than the report with some help from Hypebot's great sponsors.