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That forecast looks very generous.

facebook should buy myspace

hmmm....Facebook should just buy myspace,and make a huge move to head into the music community,as its the business modal and customer support that tanked,not the idea of the site......heck.....might even boost revenue in the music industry I'd wager....


really? I don't think that would be a smart move for either entity. What does myspace offer Facebook that Facebook doesn't already do or already do better?

someone just needs to turn the light out over at myspace...

TM101 Radio

WOW Like JJ500 said that forecast does look very generous..I cant believe they are still hanging by a thread..


I don't see why anyone is surprised. If and when facebook goes public and has to show a profit,the same thing will happen to them.Most people left Myspace because of the ads and the obnoxiously aggressive bands. NO ONE goes on social media sites to make purchases,and therein lies the problem. Murdoch tried to make a profit,but nobody on the site is buying anything. Advertisers on Facebook will do the same when they realize there's no "click-throughs" to purchase products. Whether they want to admit it or not,Myspace and Facebook have the business model as the newspapers:sell advertising. The newspapers aren't doing so hot on that front,and the same goes for the "social" websites. NO ONE I know goes on Facebook to buy anything. Do you?

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