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Bas Grasmayer

Ohohoh, seriously disagree with part of the last paragraph.

I highly doubt that convenience devalues culture. It might be true on a piece-by-piece basis; but not true on the whole. In other words: now people want to consume 1000 works of culture for 20 per month, instead of 20 years ago, when they just wanted 100. (totally making up the numbers here)

On the other side of the equation there's the fact that it's now easier to produce good music than ever before and (arguably) more people are making and releasing their own 'recordings'/productions. This fact could be argued to be equally devaluing as the prior side of the equation, in my opinion.

Anyway, I think we both have a lot to say about this topic :) Plus I understand that your point is a hyperlink, but it was still a little too easy to just let it slip by ;)

Kyle Bylin

I understand that the statement alone is too sharp. The link expands on it. Also, when effort is taken out of music, it does lessen the perceived value of it. I'm not really talking in momentary terms, more so psychological processes that shape the monetary expense we justify.


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