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As Twitter Turns 5, Five Ways It’s Changed Music

image from On Sunday, Twitter co-counder Jack Doresy tweeted, "5 yrs ago today, the eve of launching twttr to the company. Moving from @Biz, @florian & me, to all of our peers using it. Nervous. #twttr". It took 38 months for Twitter to hit 1 billion tweets. Now the site averages 140 million tweets every day.  But how has Twitter changed music and the artist – fan realtionship?

1. Artists can communicate with fans instantly from anywhere.

2. Their messaging is now often personal rather than informational.

3. Each message has a greater chance for viral spread.

4. Casual fans can maintain a casual link to more artists.

5. At the same time, uber-fans feel closer to their favorite musicians.

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  1. This is so true! It is the ONLY reason I am on Twitter, to follow my guys of @Shinedown!

  2. I’m sorry, perhaps I misread the title of the article. How exactly has Twitter “changed music?” Twitter may have changed the artist-fan relationship, but I don’t see how it “changed music.” Bach changed music. The Beatles changed music. Twitter hasn’t influenced music at all.

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