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Debuts? we use this app for every band/artist on our roster...

with 1.7 million active users, why is "debut" in the headline of this post?

Bandsintown is not NEWS... if you're not using it... you're missing out and late on a great product.

Kyle Bylin

It's the first time the company has made the app public. So "debuts" it is.

ty white

"What is unclear, however, is whether an approach built around venues alone is enough to counterbalance the extremely large fan database Ticketmaster has built over the years."

That database is as relevant as blast emails. Envision a future where instead of emails with all the concerts in your greater metro area, you receive alerts (via email, sms, push, or however else you choose) when your friends buy tickets, or when there are events (concerts and beyond) that are relevant to you (based on your purchase history and similar purchasers). That future is coming incredibly soon to Eventbrite.


The app has been public for months. This is really not news. You should check facts first.

Kyle Bylin

Apps can be released and used widely before companies pursue press. We are, after all, the press and you're the public. Fact.

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