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Why would any indie artist support this corporate brand. It represents the antithesis of indie music...does it not?

Louis byrd

Although this is something, as far as analytics, you can do..as well a sign up for blogs and read the latest information about "the biz", I think its cool that BB is starting to somewhat cater to the indie artist.

Its cool having accecss to all the analytical data in one hub, especially for artist or artist management who are not tech savvy, this could be a good tool for them...and the price is relatively cheap.

Hump Jones

100% of this content is available free, and better written, elsewhere online. All they really have to offer is a logo.


This is a F$%#ing joke. Just look at the signup form - you have to enter your payment info just to check it out. And you have to claim your band via it's MYSPACE page. What idiots.


It's ridiculous, like Hump Jones said, all this content is available free elsewhere.

And are they really aware of the myspace situation right now?


Agree with evolver

Smells of Major Label
- Unless you have a profile with All Music $#@!, your info won't be accessible - laughable
- You need an active MySpace page - UGH!!
- They come across a bit arrogant and would like to avoid getting any "indie" on them
- Obviously trying to appease their clients, the major labels and drum up a little extra cash without offering anything new I don't already get via NextBigSound etc..
- the fans don't care about Billboard


Aren't billboards what big posters go up on?


Billboard IS the record industry! They are STILL completely behind and are trying to get everyone to think and do business the way THEY want us to! Myspace?!?!? It's OVER!!! Didn't they get the memo????

Free album download at http://www.facebook.com/chancius



I think it's worth it for the conference access, the analytics really aren't worth paying for when available elsewhere.


I find it more than interesting that most of the the comments are aimed directly at BB and its' reputation than on the fact that yet another DIY offering joins the fray. BB sure has pissed off a lot of people in the last decade. I wonder why they launched this service? Obviously they finally see the bloody writing on the wall: the old music industry is dead! Gone.

In the meantime, BB decides: "let's grab some money from the millions of artists out there." What a bunch of shit! I invite artists to go onto an absolutely free (to artists) platform that is going to launch a freaking music promo machine in April: www.musyck.com.

Janet Hansen

The concept behind what Billboard is doing is a very necessary tool indies have not had access to until now. I've been saying for years this needs to be done. Sorry it's not executed well...and yeah, what does Myspace have to do with anything anymore?


I have to agree that indie means NON big record company. For BB to be launching this service shows they are desperate. As for the Myspace thing, that shows they have some sort of vested interest in see the site rise from the ashes.... sad.

Andre From Idlewood

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