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Nice summary Kyle. It's sad to see obstacles placed in the way of some very good services. I'm doing what I can to help all of the alternative music monetization methods thrive... but damn, it would be nice if they had the hurdles cleared so that everyone could run on the same track.


where are you getting 15% tax? 30% no?

Kyle Bylin

Correct, thank you for catching. I've updated.


Signs about the future of music distribution point toward streaming and away from downloading actual files. I wonder what the implications are for DJs? Will they have to use specialized portals that allow actual file downloads?

Will tools for DJs to use audio streams emerge? I’ve already been to a number of house parties where folks wind up playing YouTube videos or tracks from GrooveShark and it seems to work out OK. The only thing missing is the ability to beat-match, equalize, and mix those streaming tracks into a seamlessly engaging set.

See my blog post on this issue: http://www.mashit.com/2011/03/18/streaming-music-takeover-what-about-djs/

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