D.I.Y Bootcamp: Fanbridge Fan Management [VIDEO]

image from www.bmi.com EXCLUSIVE: Scion A/V produced a series of videos that provide a virtual tour of the new music industry and some of the tools that make it work. Hypebot will feature one a day for the next few weeks. In this installment, Noah Dinkin of Fanbridge offers a tour their email and fan relationship platform. Fanbridge clients collectively power over 60 million fan relationships using the service. Recently the company added DamnTheRadio, a robust Facebook Fan Page tool, to their portfolio. THE VIDEO:

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  1. I Love the concept of one place fits all, but you do so much more, it’s like a Social Media manager, but an entire company behind you taking care of the things that an artist needs to have done to make it in the new digital industry, am I right or close to it? GREAT!
    It’s what the doctor ordered 😀
    Know who loves you always
    The Silver Conductor

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