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thinking back . who new the word CLOUD would be so big

Your Fourth Grade Spelling Teacher

What is a "Music Serivce" exactly?

Kyle Bylin

As always, thanks for catching.

Hisham Dahud

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Oh so THAT'S why people dont post on hypebot.

Christian Kratsas

Is this the same cloud-based service Google and Apple have been planning to launch in the Summer? So-called song insurance?


A "Cloud" obscures your freedom, too much vapour.

Ditch the digital, stay solid.



{compressed-script} soft-copy {script-compressed}

Widhi Asmoro

no thing can hide in this openess


I bet that the Hackers were from Google themselves, and this is one way to make the news of a Google "Music Service" more interesting.

Does anyone know who the hackers are? In all the reports so far, no.

Or am I just cynical?


This service should be free and open only in JAPAN. It's blocked in other countries and you need to do a lot of job to get it working :>
pp. You don't need to be a HACKER to find hidden services :p

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