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Jack White Creates Third Man Rolling Record Store

image from If the record industry is dying, no one told Jack White.

Where the major labels see a landscape that's fraught with music piracy and shrinking revenues, he sees an industry that's ripe for disruption. In his latest attempt, White has created the Third Man Rolling Record Store.

The truck will carry a full-menu of Third Man Records' merchandise and album releases, as well as, collectables and souvenirs that will be exclusive to it.

The first stop for the Rolling Record Store will be SXSW, but fans can expect to see it at festivals, venues, car shows, and anything in between. Since fans have expressed their disappointment that Third Man Records is situated in Nashville, White and team decided to bring the record store to them. It will remain on the road regularly and given that it's equipped with a PA and amp system, DJ sets and on the fly artist performances will be common; they can plug into the truck.

Most record shops are being driven out of business due to declining sales and inability to sell music at a price that's comparable to big box outlets and online retailers. White sells music and merch that's only sold at Third Man Records.

Most record shops sell music that can be downloaded for free online. White sells music that's tangible, digital, and collectable, in limited, one-time only batches.

Most record shops are stuck. White is driving his record shop down to SXSW.

One has to believe that if the major labels are screwed, White will be just fine.

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  1. Leave it to Jack White to come up with an innovative solution to retailing. You can bet there is some vinyl in that truck, too.

  2. Ah Jack, combining the profitability of record stores with the economics of low gas prices and the sensibility of minimal environmental impact. Huzzah! What could possibly go wrong?
    Disclosure: I always thought Jack White had no talent, so that’s probably coloring my outlook for this little endeavor. Who knows, it could be bigger than Starbucks in two years.

  3. While I agree that anything that burns petroleum is less-than-desirable (maybe this will use biofuel), the idea of a temporary, mobile store is a good one. I’ve been a fan of the pop-up store concept for a long time. Make retailing an event.

  4. Wow, i’ll bet all the convicted sex offenders driving ice cream trucks across America are thrilled that Jack White is building them a future in the music business!

  5. So I went down to Third Man RRS to buy the new Jack White album … but all that was there was tiretracks and a small spot of oil on the pavement.

  6. first paragraph: well played
    second paragraph: no talent? in the words of wayne cambell, “are you mental”? Clearly the guy has talent, or else he wouldn’t be one of the most notable rockers under 40 right now. He’s prolific, shreds on guit and drums, and sings his ass off. One of the few success models we have right now in the music industry, that has dodged commercial trappings

  7. This is genius. For his many thousands of fans who think White has huge talent as a guitar player, songwriter, as an amazing sound designer, and producer, those of us who can’t wait to hear his work with new artists, seeing this truck come to town will be a major event. This uses no more gas than any other delivery truck out there, and Jack can afford gas money. And it is quite obviously different than a record store. Create a unique event, get physical goods in the hands of your die hard fans, what a memorable experience. It’ll be big at SXSW. It’ll be huge when this truck comes to NYC, I know I’ll be in line for 3rd Man goods. I think it’ll be a cool event for every other town it stops in too

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